Thursday, 30th, Nov. and finally Rain!

Just back from my shopping trip, enjoying a caffee macchiato and surfing the web for some input.

Clouds over the mountains did promise some rain today and here it is!

The garden gets its share of water and the surrounding nature as well.

The 2 cats have taken shelter in my office.

When I was driving my motorbike through the near by village of Mae Nam a girl by the roadside tried to hitch a hike. I couldn't believe it, I stopped and she was very friendly. I wasn't too sure but - imagine she wanted to go exactly the same place for shopping i planned to go to!

So we went together. I asked her where she came from. She replied: "From Israel!"
I asked: "From Haifa, Tel Aviv or where?"

She replied: " I live in both places! But really all over Europe, some time here, some time there..."

She told me that she was doing Massage and Yoga. Wow! Exactly what I was interested in!
So we chatted away, did our shopping, tried some tasty fruit juices.

Back on the motorbike, she told me that her grandparents were Czechoslovakian and that she had a German name too!

Her family name was Lustig, in English "funny", now this was quite funny! She was really friendly and open. Her christian name was Karen, Karen Lustig!

We talked about anything and time passed so quickly that she not even realized that we have arrived at her destination The Moon Bungalows in Ban Tai, where she stays.

A short stop at the nearby Internet cafe, then I drove her down to the beach, she invited me to come and see her if I like, sure would I like, but had to go and feed my cat's and I will be back!

Then I was back on my way home.........

She was nice! And so bubbely, open, friendly, thought as if we were brother and sister.. 'strange' sometimes Life holds this kind of surprise..You meet someone spontaniousely and it is as if you have known each other for years.

Outside it is still raining.

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Liars Dice Master said...

Wow! You have a great BLOG and a great writing style, Samuiman!

Not only do you know a lot, but you have some neat experiences, too.

I particularly liked this narrative. Many, many times in my life, I have met someone and just known this moment is special.

And you focus. And it stays in your very own unique memory, along with the way it spices your perspective of life.

Marge made a nice comment one night. She pointed out that each of us are unique in the events that we have, how we perceive and interpret them, and how we remember them, and the paths that seem to come to us, and the paths we choose. Life is wonderful, isn't it?