Baba Lokenath -The Saint of Bengal - Animation

for you Yoginis, Yogis and and your Kiddies something special for the beginning of Buddhist Lent in the 8th lunar month Kao Pansa Day on 27th:

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Lokenath Divine Life Mission is dedicated to Mahayogi Baba Lokenath manifested in all beings on Earth. Founded by Sri Sri Shuddhaanandaa in 1985 in the tranquil Himalayan Heights, the Mission strives to awaken the God in man.


crystal clear

...whilst continuing practice, as the climate here on Samui is almost all year, around the clock at 32°C and very high humidity at around 85%, sweating, while practicing, comes natural, so every session gets a touch of Birkram Yoga.

 try to stay focused during the long beach walks, focus on the emptiness in the distance, breathe deeply and let go.. the sea, the waves, the sky above, the sand below my feet... a wonderful feeling of awareness in emptiness takes place, absolutely wonderful!