Thursday, 30th, Nov. and finally Rain!

Just back from my shopping trip, enjoying a caffee macchiato and surfing the web for some input.

Clouds over the mountains did promise some rain today and here it is!

The garden gets its share of water and the surrounding nature as well.

The 2 cats have taken shelter in my office.

When I was driving my motorbike through the near by village of Mae Nam a girl by the roadside tried to hitch a hike. I couldn't believe it, I stopped and she was very friendly. I wasn't too sure but - imagine she wanted to go exactly the same place for shopping i planned to go to!

So we went together. I asked her where she came from. She replied: "From Israel!"
I asked: "From Haifa, Tel Aviv or where?"

She replied: " I live in both places! But really all over Europe, some time here, some time there..."

She told me that she was doing Massage and Yoga. Wow! Exactly what I was interested in!
So we chatted away, did our shopping, tried some tasty fruit juices.

Back on the motorbike, she told me that her grandparents were Czechoslovakian and that she had a German name too!

Her family name was Lustig, in English "funny", now this was quite funny! She was really friendly and open. Her christian name was Karen, Karen Lustig!

We talked about anything and time passed so quickly that she not even realized that we have arrived at her destination The Moon Bungalows in Ban Tai, where she stays.

A short stop at the nearby Internet cafe, then I drove her down to the beach, she invited me to come and see her if I like, sure would I like, but had to go and feed my cat's and I will be back!

Then I was back on my way home.........

She was nice! And so bubbely, open, friendly, thought as if we were brother and sister.. 'strange' sometimes Life holds this kind of surprise..You meet someone spontaniousely and it is as if you have known each other for years.

Outside it is still raining.


one day beautiful, perfect the next..

...and... we throw another shrimp on the barbie!" was once something Paul Hogan said in an TV-Ad for Australias Sunshine Coast.

It keeps coming back to my mind, just sitting here and watch the tropical sun rays play with the foliage of the untamed greenery of the garden.

Framed by the azurblue seas reflecting the color of the sky.

We are in the midst of what is supposed to be the rainy season, so far it has rained very little, but it is rather hot and humid.

So it is in Europe, unusual warm.

Some believe it's the climatic catastrophe, some think it might be intense cosmic radiation, who really KNOWS - I wonder sometimes.

And then there is the sheer miracle of how we came here in the first place...some sulphuric acid, some water molecules and some electrons, released by some exploded star somewhere in the milky way, breath taking stuff, isn't it?

The building blocks for clouds to form, giving the earth an 'umbrella' and keep it relatively cool..

Again rain and water comes to mind... amazing isn't it? How much life depends on some very simple substances, like air and water, electrons and some sulphuric acid.

No water, No caffee macchiato!

This is what I am going right now, for!

Back now, I would like to introduce you to Neem Karoli Baba or better known as "the one blanket Swami"

Yad karane se ham ajate hain
When you remember me I come to you!

see link in the "Spirituality & Yoga link list!


The 5th Dimension , time and stuff..

..... here it's tuesday, the 28th and 15:00 pm, I just finished to add a couple of links to this page, to make it more interesting and informative.

Looks like there is another caffee macchiato in the making.....

Well mission accomplished -I have a piping hot coffee on the desk and here we go.

I thought about this time - thing for a while. Thailand Gal noted in an comment to me that it's only another measurement made by human beings to add another measure to our collection of measurements, that's all.

We need time to navigate was my answer. And there, i assume, is the secret hidden of which Rolex and Cartier even Swatch sort of took advantage of the human loving to sport unusual decorations on their bodies, like watches, tattoos, jewelry, branding even scars!

Ahhh well..and after all, I read these days that they are working on the 4th Dimension, as if we don't have enough trouble with the 3 existing ones already!

A fourth dimension, for what? To explain things better? Nobody really understands anything very much, most of us "users" are quite happy to know that things work and function.

Who needs to know how things are working?

Unless one is some kind of scientist, engineer, or carries a PhD of whatsoever, some of these people agreeable know quite a lot, but not all!

Einstein was pretty smart, so smart, that he admitted that there is no way one knows ALL!

So why a 4th dimension?

to explain the existence of the other 3!?

Well, in some old Hindu scriptures, the old seers and thinkers insist that the material universe is hung like a little gondola under the gigantic "balloon" of the spiritual plane.

hmmmmmmm... what do you think about it?

If one can think, imagine things like that! Wow!

Think they say the universe, our material one, is endless, say gigantic, so if it is endless, could there be any imaginable room left for something even larger?

It blows my mind, I mean the ideas of such thinkers and mathematicians.

They named it Tetra space, huh?

Well the Wikipedia

"The concept of a fourth dimension is one that is often described in considering its physical implications; that is, it is known that there are three dimensions: length (or depth), width, and height. The fourth dimension is orthogonal to the other three spatial dimensions. The cardinal directions in the three known dimensions are called up/down (altitude), north/south (latitude), and east/west (longitude). When speaking of the fourth dimension, an additional pair of terms is needed. Attested terms include ana/kata (sometimes called spissitude or spassitude), vinn/vout (used by Rudy Rucker), and upsilon/delta. The fourth dimension is often identified with time, and as such is used to explain space-time in Einstein's theories of special relativity and general relativity."

So they come up with designs like this:

mind boggling, isn't it?

So they won't stop here at the 4th Dimension, no way, too easy! So the great thinkers and mathematicians need a 5th dimension to express what they come up with, with their acrobatic ways of thinking.

The Fifth Dimension

Whether or not the real universe in which we live is somehow five-dimensional is a topic that is debated and explored in several branches of physics, including astrophysics and particle physics."

from Wikipedia

Those scientists conclude that the existence is debatable, but its necessary to understand things we can measure and know that these events take place, but can't explain them.


Outstanding stuff! I am always fascinated by these brain-giants, what they all come up with.

I am quite happy to BE alive, why the heck do I have to know - why?


well, I think it's enough of this stuff for today, getting all spaced out, will close the door and windows - not to get sucked up by a gone-nuts black hole or the like...


Are we living in the future?

....The Datedisplay on this Blog, always displays the time of the US-Westcoast... as one can see, so compared to you living there, I am living in the future!

Which I think is quite funny, plus the Thai-Calendar is in the year 2549 of the buddhist era, so this gives me/us living here, a time advantage of 543 years and 8 Hours...

WELCOME in the FUTURE Ladies and Gentlemen!

Had a late night out, last night and today is my day off, so I am going to reflect a bit on the deeper understanding of what it actually means to live a life in the future and what i it is all about this thing "time"....

But then thinking about, whilst hacking away here on the laptop, thoughts arise that this probably would easely take a wee tad more, than just a "bit of reflections"!

Outside, the sun has set already, in a not so spectacular fashion as it does sometimes, setting the skies ablaze, with a dramatic display of breathtaking colors.

it looks somewhat like this:

Or like this:

or like this..

so I'll call it a day..time to get ready for dinner.


It's Sunday....

....the 26th. I just booted up the Laptop, in the meantime, I made myself a Latte Macchiato and had a look into the virtual world.

Outside, in the real world, it is always quite the same, the sun is shining, some clouds are drifting along the seemless skies. Birds are having their say...tweet, tweet, tweet nice, somewhat very relaxing.

The silence is deafening, I don't know why people say things like this, but they do. The earlier it is in the morning, the less men made noise pollution there is.

"How much better it can get?" I really ask myself in moments like these.

Just outside my office window this pigeon is limping along, I' have seen it around for quite some time. Wonder that the cats never got it. One of it's feets is crippled. Yeah, mother nature, ahh' well but it lives. Like the cats, they sleep 18 hours, or so, a day, but they are alive. If they are not sleeping, one can easely understand that they enjoy life as much as anybody else does.

40 steps of walking gives me quite a view, I would like to share it with you....

uuhhhh, quite a view, isn't it? And 31 C! Well, it's paradise! But it has a bit of a hook attached to it. Cause there where is paradise, there is hell as well, as there is no light without shadow. It seems that people make sure, maybe unconcious of it, that no one get's lost in paradise!

To have the little egos a bit cranked up. Some talk, as if they are talking to thousands, why they are shouting, even the only other person, who is listening, is less then a yard away? Or they drive around on their motorcycles with the muffler removed and make the most appalling noise one ever can imagine, but they sit on the bike as if they are the only ones in the entire universe!

Well, what to say.....how in heaven can they 'enjoy' this noise? Are they alive? Deaf, maybe...their perception is funtioning on a very different level.... somehow "Highway to Hell" comes to mind, but I prefer "Stairway to Heaven", if someone asks me.

We all have a choice, that is for sure, but many of us do not know what to choose. So we tend to make our choices on what we believe is fun, good, or think we 'need'. We are steadily driven by desire, not by fundamental needs.

Reflecting about it, I think we really do 'need' very little. Bu this is a entire different story.

First of all we NEED oxygen, at most our brain, a couple of seconds without and we are brain dead, 'vegetables'. Water, at least every 24 hrs., some food, funny, that we need water before food, we can go on a fast for weeks, but NOT without water!

Some clothing, one day we decided to walk through our lifes all dressed up. Some kind of hiding, of camouflage, we are hiding what we really are. Some dress up to impress others, some to show who they are, or want to be.

Are we just jealous of the peacocks? Then they are males who are the most beautiful, why is it so that in the human world women dress and make up with lipstick, mascara and stuff and men dress usual quite ordinary? In the animal kingdom it is the other way around, why I wonder.

Why do people think, if a male is dressed up, that he might be gay? Why?

Then on the contrary, if one goes to the beach, people wear as little as possible, why? I wonder. Why do they all dress up in office, at work on the streets and as soon as they are on the beach, or at the pool, they all almost strip naked.

Very strange, I think!

Most of us are just not aware of how much we are conditioned, by all kinds of imagination, of pictures our mind is creating, again and again, with the most incredible refreshing rate anyone can ever imagine. We are all just functioning out of this conditioning. Many think: "I am, I am alive, I am the doer!" but most, if not all of us, are simple actors. Hardly anyone is really aware of him/herself!

We imagine something, as in a dream and go to imposter it. Believing that we are living and managing a life, in fact we are only the puppets of our imagination, driven by desire, want and projections of our mind.

"As is" I think often, if people ask me "Why?"

It's all out there, we only forgot how to listen and how to percieve the world around us. We are most of the time way too busy with ourselves. If we look at something, we tend to evaluate it, in one way or the other. Our mind is steadily at work. Does it fit in here, in there, in that folder, categorising things, according to their useability, or value.

While being busy doing this, we miss the most important part, life itself!

We human beings are quite some funny bunch, aren't we?

If I look around, it's like a giant melodramatic comedy show!

I think it's time for another Latte Macchiato!


Hi all, out there!

.... well it's my first blog, it's saturday, the 25th. here already and it is 28 C outside.
The monsoon season has set in a couple of weeks ago, so it is cloudy and rather humid.

I am living and (still) working on Ko Samui, an island in the Gulf of Thailand,
for the last 16 years.

When I got into the Office, sweat was pouring out of every inch of my skin.
2 Minutes after I had a shower, same again, so my conclusion of this late morning is: "living under the shower is definately no viable option...!"

It's just the humidity, aircon helps but gives you easely a bad cold.
So i decided to "sweat it off".

The sun just comes out and somewhere in the distance, a pigeon is calling coo, coo, the tweet, tweet, another bird and another one, no other sound, a slight breeze comes up from the sea, GREAT!

I got dismissed from my job a couple of days ago, ah well..
it could be worse... I think.

"Cookie" and "Junior", my two female cats decided, after their morning share of some Friskies, to nap off, "Cookie" to my left and "Junior" under the desk.

The "lucky Cat" is "Junior" an the black and white one, is "Cookie"...

For the moment they both have "logged"out of this world and are now in Cat-Tushita!
"Cookie" sometimes must have intense dreams, then she mumbles things... really!

Not joking!

Or her paws just move as if she is on the prawl... cat's haven.

All off sudden staff runs through the premises, it's very rare that someone runs in this country, unless it's a runner.

Ahh, a short shower, "rain drops keep fallin' on my head..." comes to my mind... the rain stopped shortly, but just to return with force a few minutes later.

coffee time....caffee latte to be more precise!

O.k. done.

The rain stopped, the sun decided to show her face again, for me it's the better option.

Water is going to become a scarce commodity...so they say.

Yeah water, if it's around in abundance we don't think of it very much, but if there is all of a sudden only a trickle coming out of the tap, we start thinking about it.

Maybe we call the local waterworks to find out, if we live in the 'cilvilized" world, where everything is organized and supplied, in one way or the other.

But out here in the Tropics, it's adifferent story, if the well runs dry, that's it!
One may try to dig it deeper, or a new one alltogether.

Life, home delivered, if there is an Express counter, I wonder.

Yep, water... for cooking, tea, coffee, to have a shower, clean our clothes, our home, watering the plants, the garden, for growing food... so if it's raining, I tell myself: "See, the watersupplier is active..!"

After all a bit of rain isn't that bad.

If it's raining, some poeple behave as if it is the end of the world or they get depressesd and stuff.

Outside a lizards crawls up the Coconut tree, with ease.