The 5th Dimension , time and stuff..

..... here it's tuesday, the 28th and 15:00 pm, I just finished to add a couple of links to this page, to make it more interesting and informative.

Looks like there is another caffee macchiato in the making.....

Well mission accomplished -I have a piping hot coffee on the desk and here we go.

I thought about this time - thing for a while. Thailand Gal noted in an comment to me that it's only another measurement made by human beings to add another measure to our collection of measurements, that's all.

We need time to navigate was my answer. And there, i assume, is the secret hidden of which Rolex and Cartier even Swatch sort of took advantage of the human loving to sport unusual decorations on their bodies, like watches, tattoos, jewelry, branding even scars!

Ahhh well..and after all, I read these days that they are working on the 4th Dimension, as if we don't have enough trouble with the 3 existing ones already!

A fourth dimension, for what? To explain things better? Nobody really understands anything very much, most of us "users" are quite happy to know that things work and function.

Who needs to know how things are working?

Unless one is some kind of scientist, engineer, or carries a PhD of whatsoever, some of these people agreeable know quite a lot, but not all!

Einstein was pretty smart, so smart, that he admitted that there is no way one knows ALL!

So why a 4th dimension?

to explain the existence of the other 3!?

Well, in some old Hindu scriptures, the old seers and thinkers insist that the material universe is hung like a little gondola under the gigantic "balloon" of the spiritual plane.

hmmmmmmm... what do you think about it?

If one can think, imagine things like that! Wow!

Think they say the universe, our material one, is endless, say gigantic, so if it is endless, could there be any imaginable room left for something even larger?

It blows my mind, I mean the ideas of such thinkers and mathematicians.

They named it Tetra space, huh?

Well the Wikipedia

"The concept of a fourth dimension is one that is often described in considering its physical implications; that is, it is known that there are three dimensions: length (or depth), width, and height. The fourth dimension is orthogonal to the other three spatial dimensions. The cardinal directions in the three known dimensions are called up/down (altitude), north/south (latitude), and east/west (longitude). When speaking of the fourth dimension, an additional pair of terms is needed. Attested terms include ana/kata (sometimes called spissitude or spassitude), vinn/vout (used by Rudy Rucker), and upsilon/delta. The fourth dimension is often identified with time, and as such is used to explain space-time in Einstein's theories of special relativity and general relativity."

So they come up with designs like this:

mind boggling, isn't it?

So they won't stop here at the 4th Dimension, no way, too easy! So the great thinkers and mathematicians need a 5th dimension to express what they come up with, with their acrobatic ways of thinking.

The Fifth Dimension

Whether or not the real universe in which we live is somehow five-dimensional is a topic that is debated and explored in several branches of physics, including astrophysics and particle physics."

from Wikipedia

Those scientists conclude that the existence is debatable, but its necessary to understand things we can measure and know that these events take place, but can't explain them.


Outstanding stuff! I am always fascinated by these brain-giants, what they all come up with.

I am quite happy to BE alive, why the heck do I have to know - why?


well, I think it's enough of this stuff for today, getting all spaced out, will close the door and windows - not to get sucked up by a gone-nuts black hole or the like...

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Liars Dice Master said...

It is pretty fantastic. And maybe there are yet other dimensions, which are even farther than our current capability to even conceive. Maybe even beyond mathematics. Could even make mathematics seem like superstition or religion.

There are people, whom we acknolwedge later as geniuses, who are willing to ask questions and seek answers outside the box. But there are so many who are afraid to even venture outside their own litter box.

I think one of the first steps in seeking knowledge is to realize how firmly our own comfortable perspectives limit our thinking.