Hi all, out there!

.... well it's my first blog, it's saturday, the 25th. here already and it is 28 C outside.
The monsoon season has set in a couple of weeks ago, so it is cloudy and rather humid.

I am living and (still) working on Ko Samui, an island in the Gulf of Thailand,
for the last 16 years.

When I got into the Office, sweat was pouring out of every inch of my skin.
2 Minutes after I had a shower, same again, so my conclusion of this late morning is: "living under the shower is definately no viable option...!"

It's just the humidity, aircon helps but gives you easely a bad cold.
So i decided to "sweat it off".

The sun just comes out and somewhere in the distance, a pigeon is calling coo, coo, the tweet, tweet, another bird and another one, no other sound, a slight breeze comes up from the sea, GREAT!

I got dismissed from my job a couple of days ago, ah well..
it could be worse... I think.

"Cookie" and "Junior", my two female cats decided, after their morning share of some Friskies, to nap off, "Cookie" to my left and "Junior" under the desk.

The "lucky Cat" is "Junior" an the black and white one, is "Cookie"...

For the moment they both have "logged"out of this world and are now in Cat-Tushita!
"Cookie" sometimes must have intense dreams, then she mumbles things... really!

Not joking!

Or her paws just move as if she is on the prawl... cat's haven.

All off sudden staff runs through the premises, it's very rare that someone runs in this country, unless it's a runner.

Ahh, a short shower, "rain drops keep fallin' on my head..." comes to my mind... the rain stopped shortly, but just to return with force a few minutes later.

coffee time....caffee latte to be more precise!

O.k. done.

The rain stopped, the sun decided to show her face again, for me it's the better option.

Water is going to become a scarce commodity...so they say.

Yeah water, if it's around in abundance we don't think of it very much, but if there is all of a sudden only a trickle coming out of the tap, we start thinking about it.

Maybe we call the local waterworks to find out, if we live in the 'cilvilized" world, where everything is organized and supplied, in one way or the other.

But out here in the Tropics, it's adifferent story, if the well runs dry, that's it!
One may try to dig it deeper, or a new one alltogether.

Life, home delivered, if there is an Express counter, I wonder.

Yep, water... for cooking, tea, coffee, to have a shower, clean our clothes, our home, watering the plants, the garden, for growing food... so if it's raining, I tell myself: "See, the watersupplier is active..!"

After all a bit of rain isn't that bad.

If it's raining, some poeple behave as if it is the end of the world or they get depressesd and stuff.

Outside a lizards crawls up the Coconut tree, with ease.


Peter said...

hallo Manfred - jut jemacht.
Beste Grüße und stay tuned man!

wolf said...

Hallo Manne
Jut ma wieder wat von Dia zu hoern. Haste noch die E-Mail Adresse??
Icke Wolf

Liars Dice Master said...

Man! Paradise Lost! I'm betting you and your cats will land on your feet and can be replete wherever you go.