"Breathing, breathing, deep breathing, breathing in, breathing out.." he said - repeating monotonously.. and that in a posture where one might last approximately 30 nanoseconds, okay I manged a bit longer then this.. Postures like "the Fish" or Matsya Asana, coming down from the "Shoulderstand" Hala Asana via the Sarvangasana "the Plow", pretty breathtaking stuff, this way I found out what hamstrings are for and that I must have got an iron rod instead!

However, the Akarna-Dhanura-asana "shooting Bow" pose is way more demanding, so is the Ugraasana "Noble Pose", all muscles come into play, like the nutcracker suite demands the out most from the ballet dancer and the Veerabadhra Asana or Warrior Pose II still get's me...seconds can become hours!

Well, started this morning with a couple of sun salutations and ended the session with a deep and relaxing Savasana "Corpse Pose", where nearly the entire class fell asleep - ah' well ...and started another beautiful day!


I know, but as I wrote some blogs ago, time is unbeatable!

Since the Opening of the Hotel and it's successful inauguration, we moved continuously forward.
Build up already returning clientel, very good remarks in Hotel Reviews and the new building, the
"northern wing" is coming up fast, it will be "The Avenue - Samui".

Opening expected by end of this year.

Some five weeks ago I decided to go back to Yoga Class and take up this as a new challenge.

The venue is the "Absolute Sanctuary" near by, 10 Min. drive from the Hotel, here in Chaweng.
It's a very laid back and relaxed atmosphere there, beautiful, pristine, natural environment.

And what I cherish most, other people, from all over the planet joining the yoga classes.

The exercise made me lose already 6 Kilo's and there are still 5 to go, can feel it in my flexibility and ability of movement with the body, but after this time already some results are clearly showing.

I feel better, I changed my Diet completely, the body just yearns for fresh fruit, Juices and light food.

I sleep better, even sometimes my muscles are sore from the exercise I feel much fittter then 5 weeks ago!

I'll be back!
The weather


Hi all,

started Hot Yoga at Absolute Sanctuary on Ko Samui on last Sunday,
it's the fourth day today and had a morning class Pranayama, Meditation, followed by a Detox Yoga Session and feel fantastic!

On the first day I took a Hot Yoga (Birkram Chaudury) class for Starter's and phew.....it blew me away!

It is as rewarding as it is very demanding! I take it easy after having a second Hot Yoga Class on Tuesday, which exausted me so much, I had to take a short break!

But as it is only the fourth day today, I am convinced already - I won't give up!

Absolute Sanctuary Accomodation's

'da Pool - absolutely beautiful - isn't it?

...up there is the stunning swimming pool...


stroll along colorful Chaweng Beach..

Fullmoon rising over Ko Matlang

Chaweng Beach around sunset

Island vista ....

Coastline @ Choengmon

Beach view near Ko Farn - Big Buddha

After a long break, been really busy, here some mor pictures whi do tell more then some fonts in long rows trying to make sense!