rainy season has arrived in force

It's been raining a fair bit, much of the central and northern parts of the country are inundated, some people lost their livelihood, some even committed suicide, as everything they had and hoped for, has gone with the floods.

"our goal is to transform suffering into present awareness, while the lower self uses it for self-pity.”

I think it's very easy thing to say, if not affected, very, very difficult if entangled in the midst of it all!

One may even perceive the demand "to smile as a buddha" in the midst of all this suffering as cruelty or some sort of perverted ignorance, but then what can be done?

Things are just happening all the way and it's said that it is all results of previous deeds, karma is the magic word, but how about mercy then?

Is there mercy for the unprotected, feeble, sick, homeless and old?

No, there isn't I am afraid!

Why not and why has there to be so much suffering?

How to teach someone who is suffering:

"As long as we think we are the self, we feel attached and fall into sorrow."

How, I wonder?


whew... one more month in the furnace...

...time just flies by, but then considering the events and all that what rally matters, being evening after evening back on the mat, yes, of course including the occasional break, as is needed, that will be then replaced by a nice extended 90 minutes walk along the beach, enjoying the clean seabreeze, caressing the skin like lukewarm silk.....walking meditation into the sunset, birds are chirping away in the trees, gathering for a good nights rest, tuning in to their evening songs, some are telling their stories and about the birdseye views they experienced during the day, moving like almost weightless cottonballs, a few, rollercoaster like long rolls, loops, sliding down, forth and back as if on invisible giant swings,defying gravitaton, whilst ploughing through the mild evening air, the dramatic colors of the setting sun as a backdrop for their performances, clouds, scattered over the turquoise blue skies, are set on fire, feathers of white with orange, purple, pink and vermillion, many shades, the whole scale of red's and blues are turning the sky into a masterpiece without an artists hand and his brush, slowly the shadows of the night are taking over on silent wings....Venus shows it's nearby presence first, sparkling earliest on the dark blue velvety skies with the last silver lining of the setting sun, sunken long below the horizon... the grains of sand on the beach seem to reflect the twinkling starlights just eager to compete with their heavenly counterparts... as if glitter, tossed by an unseen hand all over.... jus for you and me..actually with no purpose at all, it's just as it is.