rainy season has arrived in force

It's been raining a fair bit, much of the central and northern parts of the country are inundated, some people lost their livelihood, some even committed suicide, as everything they had and hoped for, has gone with the floods.

"our goal is to transform suffering into present awareness, while the lower self uses it for self-pity.”

I think it's very easy thing to say, if not affected, very, very difficult if entangled in the midst of it all!

One may even perceive the demand "to smile as a buddha" in the midst of all this suffering as cruelty or some sort of perverted ignorance, but then what can be done?

Things are just happening all the way and it's said that it is all results of previous deeds, karma is the magic word, but how about mercy then?

Is there mercy for the unprotected, feeble, sick, homeless and old?

No, there isn't I am afraid!

Why not and why has there to be so much suffering?

How to teach someone who is suffering:

"As long as we think we are the self, we feel attached and fall into sorrow."

How, I wonder?

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