The Water-Challenge is over, for now...

Well, as many sources report, now the south has got it's fair share of flooding, loads of damage, a massive landslide hit Thung Sai in the province of Nakhon si Thammarat, at Sichon District, Songkla, Hat yai were the worst hit.

Here on Samui Island, floods receded now and life returns to normal, it was bad, very bad the flooding seems to get more intense, year by year!

All the sealed surfaced, filled natural watershed areas, wetlands... well, everything has it's price and things attached, nobody thinks at the very moment about it much, but then if the unavoidable results hit, everybody get's a wake up call!

As the looks of it, not many seem to care, maybe for a short while, but then life goes on, the money trail...never forget "if it's rainin', it's rainin'...."

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