Are we living in the future?

....The Datedisplay on this Blog, always displays the time of the US-Westcoast... as one can see, so compared to you living there, I am living in the future!

Which I think is quite funny, plus the Thai-Calendar is in the year 2549 of the buddhist era, so this gives me/us living here, a time advantage of 543 years and 8 Hours...

WELCOME in the FUTURE Ladies and Gentlemen!

Had a late night out, last night and today is my day off, so I am going to reflect a bit on the deeper understanding of what it actually means to live a life in the future and what i it is all about this thing "time"....

But then thinking about, whilst hacking away here on the laptop, thoughts arise that this probably would easely take a wee tad more, than just a "bit of reflections"!

Outside, the sun has set already, in a not so spectacular fashion as it does sometimes, setting the skies ablaze, with a dramatic display of breathtaking colors.

it looks somewhat like this:

Or like this:

or like this..

so I'll call it a day..time to get ready for dinner.

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thailandchani said...

Oh, goodness! What beautiful pictures! As for living in the future... hm... what is time anyway? Just another man-made system of measurement. LOL

Peace to you~

~Chani (Thailand Gal)