Since certain "New Age" Clubs promoting "new" concepts of "Yoga" (Hot Yoga, Agama, Yin, Pilates name it..) have surfaced those "new age" movements have got their fair share of fans and followers, some simply for the thrill of exotic touch, some for the thrill of mystical experiences or the wish to experience goose pimples of excitement, getting in touch with the occult, the supposed "unknown". Not realizing that they are entering potential minefields, others just for fitness purpose pick up physical exercise patterns the Asanas, the poses of Yoga, without this assumed "spiritual ballast" and some because they looking for 'something", some help, an aide to get out of a conceived misery, out of suffering, some because of injuries, disabilities, maybe through reading books, getting some sort of information, a glimpse that there is... something, well and they go to look, onto the "hunt" with the vague notion of liberating themselves from any existing or conceived disability and maybe besides opening a Yoga school, even an Ashram maybe, yes maybe becoming a teacher themselves and yes maybe become famous one day, who knows.

So far all is well with this, same claim there is no need to follow the "eastern tradition", some even shun the rather strict system of traditional Indian schools and teaching traditions which dominate the "spiritual movement" at its origin, India. Some claim that this rigidity blocks new movement, the exploration of "new shores", in a way this seems true, logical, in a way that orthodox way's, strict laws, unrevised and maybe over the time 'frozen' traditions, but still there is no shortcut from Yoga Studio and several "Total Immersion" sessions to Samadhi whatsoever, there is no way to tell hundreds, well thousands of years of observance, of discoveries, of thousands and thousands of students, teachers,and masters that they have simply been wrong and that all these laws are big, big BS, if so, it's one's very own, blown up Ego wich doesn't want to except, which is looking for a way to escape, for excuses, to dogde the damasking truth, just to keep it's dominance, so one must be very careful and observe first, before making judgments, specially one just started to do his/her first steps and yes, they will remain first steps for many years, remember NO shortcut!

Repulsion - is the 3rd of the five Kleshas - afflictions of mind!

"Aversion or repulsion to people, things, or ideas. Its counterpoise is obviously a state of Equipoise Neutrality. The true nature of the Spirit (Atman) is non-discriminating. Aghora (the Lord Shiva) means nothing is horrible in itself." (-wiki-)

Which, as a result of cause and effect, is closely followed by:


"Possessiveness, ownership, liking, attraction. Attachment to people, things, and ideas. To join, connect, or associate ourselves with something. "This is ours," "This is mine." Attachment in its negative sense to things we cannot own or keep. Often the cause of quarrels, violent conflicts, and even war. Expressed also as race, nationality, my country, my money. Attachment can only have free play on lower mind levels.

Repulsion and attraction are two sides of a single coin. Their obstacle value can be impediments and overcome by: Contentment, Neutrality, Tranquility, and Knowledge." (-wiki-)

It's entirely up to the student to row the boat safely to distant shores, the Captain or Master/Teacher can only give advice, correct, the due course and it's the students duty to read the charts, the books, to study, to watch the course, to listen and observe himself, make decisions and take right action to get results, nobody in th entire universe can be made responsible, neither no one will or can take responsibility for some one else, compassion and willingness to support, to guide to help is a different matter, but no one can shoulder the other ones burden or solve the riddle for him/her!

Yes and it will be "trial and error", as we started to learn how to walk, hold the Balance in our first upright movements, will learn how to stir through.....

Some may think because of their mind machines projections, supported by imagined smartness "this all isn't needed, so "I" will discard it!" Only sooner or later, even after many years of practice, to find out "hey I am getting nowhere"! Well as bitter as it may seem, "I" has no way to go anywhere, cause "I" is a projection resulting out of "Avidja", Non-Knowledge or Ignorance, which springs up of not knowing and therefore being unable to accept certain facts, which primarily obstruct any advance, no matter how hard one may try to be perfect, maybe even artistic in practicing Asana, it's only a fraction of the whole "business" of Ashtanga Yoga or "the eight limbs" which are the very foundations of the whole yoga business of which Asana and Pranayama are only two out of eight.

To discard parts of the cake or not paying attention to the whole - no UNION - Yoga, can ever be achieved!

If Yama, Niyama, Pratyahara, Dharan, Dhyana are abandoned, not observed, discarded and only Asana, Pranayama is praticed the student is certain to go the way of an athletic artist, of highly skilled Aerobics Practitioner attending the "World Yoga Championships" and get an Olympic Goldmedal and with it comes, as a freebie, an even more blown up ego, but will certainly go nowhere else!

it's just as it is... no Shortcut, no way around and certainly not with the most skilled rethorics of a highly skilled mind!

Do it!

and have some apple pie!


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