inspired by another blog..."The Downside to Down Dog" by Kelly Grey

I posted this as a comment, in this blog I added some more thoughts on life "as is":

Yes, after all it's still money, but money itself is not the problem, peoples attitude towards money, wealth, the imagined "security" supposed to come with it, fame, control all this is certainly big BS, it's the people, their intentions, control freaks, greed, hate and envy... the three powers which keep the engine of a certain "World", which many perceive as the "World", but this "World" exists only in News, in Magazines, in Movies and the vivid Imaginations of those who are wrapped up in this incredible, but very simply material Dream of their very own desires, wants and wishes, bare of clouds, trees, wind, water and the heavenly bodies, the Gunas, the modes of Nature or the primary qualities of Nature, keep this all going, it's the core software of everything in the universe and of the people roaming the planet.

Ego, Ego, Ego - Prakriti, the three gunas at work!

Those who haven't conquered this, who only talk about it and try to teach others about, will occur to the watchful and critical as hollow as a dry giant bamboo and maybe as the unavoidable result the whole illusion will come crashing down, sometimes in full force on ones very self.

After all it comes down to a very few very simple chores: be friendly, be good, hold hand, share your cookies, if necessary your pillow, your best dress with the one next to you, do your practice, Sadhana if you wish, (it does help, without the attachment) and keep smiling, detach!

Guess we all are far away form being "perfect" sure, what ever we will try, every bird can fly through the air, we have to use airplanes, every fish can remain in the water, we build subs, every frog can walk on the water - we need ships... and today we even have gone full length to replace the eye with a camera, the feet with wheels, mankind's wonderful abilities with zillions of tools and machines and mankind is just on the way to replace the brain and it's amazing capabilities with computerized gadget's of all kinds, why do so many people walk around "plugged in", I call them "plug-ins"... they are off and gone an iTunes.... Memorizing and Memory has been reduced to 2 GB of RAM in the Notebook.

The question arose one day: "Why not just take it all "as is" and why not just be thank full that it all is as is?

It's already perfect, who want's nay, who can perfect the perfect?

And who NEEDS it?

It is our inability to see, to perceive, without being attached, with out the many drawers of "this fit's here', that fit's there" it's our mind that jumps around like a bunch of monkeys around Monkey temple in Hampi...

It's us, our very own struggle, the hunt for the guru, the craving, the longing, what precious motives there ever are - it's still longing, desire driven, if this hasn't been realized, there is still a long, long path to be wandered in wonder and despair, adorned with the crown of thorns of ever reoccurring sorrow and misery, laced with the adornment of tears and grim thoughts.

Let go, there is nothing to be achieved, cause there is nothing really to be gained, nothing wrong with yoga, old scripts and temples, statues and stuff, they just are, it's us, our very own mind, wrapping us in new illusions faster then the blink of an eye and holding us, our soul at random for ransom!

There is nothing wrong with Ashtanga Vinyasa, the eight limbs... it's certainly NOT about perfection of xyxyxyasana, as I call it 9999 ways of self torture, how to break your own bones, the ZEN of making ones limbs into a perfect knot.

Just for the sake of this "I", this "me", this "I am" "one day I will become" a great yoga master, I attained: ^^$^$%&%#@ .... this is exactly what will hinder the journey into the "temple"!

And it's the way, not the destination!

Like this exercise of "knocking out the mind" talking absolute gibberish and then relax, just to find an "empty" mind... I remember being a kid, doing these really outrageous things, like screaming the H_ll out of it and then when everyone was upset seeing all these stunned faces - I laughed my but off! On our conditioning of becoming an "adult" we stop doing these crazy things, society calls this "mature" - I call it a brain dead and affirmative robot in a human package - look around, all these unhappy people tied up in what they call "their" lives - they created their very own perfect material grave, including the coffin, all, the walking dead, bound and restricted under the heap of their very own wishes and grand illusions!

The other day it occurred that some people asked about my life savings and about security in my "old age"... hmmmm at 57 now feeling wonderful (thanks to practice!) and then it flashed across the screen - "Ahhh' these people worked all their life's from their childhood on, going to school, college, getting a job, a career, getting married, accumulated some wealth, those beloved "securities" which sometimes burn down in a bushfire, or swept away by floods, or blown off by a little nasty hurricane or tropical cyclone, a little "worldwide financial crisis", depreciation of a currency, anythng can happen, anytime, just like this, "gone in 60 Seconds", but gone forever - all this in exchange for a "Lifetime"?

All these many, many - maybe more then 50 years spend in despair to accumulate, to be "secure" when "old", being afraid that something, usually the fifth Klesha hits, "Abhinivesha", the fear of loss, their own fears may hit them, they have given their life for the deal, a deal which may bring security, support for another 15 to 20 years... I prefer to stay fit NOW, instead of an expensive "insurance policy" which will not protect you before any sudden change, any impact on your health, most have the tendency, then because of these "insurances" to live an unhealthy, uncontrolled lifestyle... well I on my behalf prefer to chop wood and carry water until I drop.... nothing wrong with it, then to wait in white linen on life support and taken "care of" by nurses in their starched caps and their often inhuman attitude, they do just the same for their life's , till my will to live fades away, because my life has become so "comfortable" and the "comfort" so priceless and expensive, but my bones so brittle and my energy so little that I don't want to go on and live this life anymore as it has become useless, senseless!

When death comes on swift and silent wings, where will this "me" this "I" all these accumulated possessions, titles, all the fame, the lovely garden, the house, the pool, the limousine, the collection of gems and rare coins, antiques and art go?

If one manages to go there now, he/she will have arrived, NOW!

...have some cherry cheesecake, a masala chai, cheer up and get a life!


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