Thoughts are floating by like clouds in the sky...

"You do not need to be going to the Himalayas, you can create the
Himalayas in your own place." 

- Prashant Iyengar -

Amazing truth,  I came across just while surfing the www. years ago when asked by friends why I am not going anymore to India, where I have been almost ever year in the past, I answered almost in the exact context: 

"If one has realized what this "India" is, it is everywhere!"

In fact everyone should realize this, unless it is a very noisy and uncomfortable place like the horrific "Kashmiri Gate" Bus Terminal in New Delhi, but even there are people "at home" and indisputable it IS India...  it is only a result of the conditioning of the mind, our thoughts and the perception of our environment and how we judge it's estimated and vividly imagined values!

Much more though if one manages to immerse into the Brahman, the ONE and only truth, reality... that one which we really are and everything around us visible or invisible, material or immaterial..... with out valuing, judging it all the time and split it in ever smaller categories to "lock it away" into the myriads of drawers in the store room memory.

It sounds maybe a bit strange, but this is exactly why one may have to go to the Himalayas... to experience this, but then in today's world it is only given to a few who can afford this, some who are native of these Regions would love to go away from there because for them it is everything else then enlightening!

Strange isn't it, the mechanics of the mind, those who are there, aren't necessarily enlightened, because they are simply born and live there, those who go there for the purpose, may be disappointed and not finding any ray of light...even in the brightest sunshine.
The problem is embedded  in the situation itself, when we start to look for something, search for something, we assume that we haven't got it... that it's not there, not in our possession, tricky, but it's exactly so!

But "it's" always there, right here... if we can let go, let lose, we can realize that ALL is right here for ever, but for eternity on the move, changing like the seasons, like wind and weather slowly change the earth's face ever more....and we will have to accept this, there is nothing that can change the ever changing empirical world.

It's you who has to change!

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