Beautiful early morning, this morning, bird are singing, blue, blue skies, acouple of white fluffy clouds strewn around and the air is like silk... 2 hrs. later breakfast at "Uncle Fritz's". Scrambled Eggs, whole grain Toast, Butter and a large Coffee. Pretty basic, but I eat what I feel for and stopped being fussy about "Bio", or Macrobiotics and "Haelth Food and stuff that makes one worry all the time.

Iv'e been there, I've done it... to no avail except that I met a great deal of people who are more worried about what goe in and waht comes out how, than about life itself and found this always strange, espacially because they tend to claim all the time that it is all about Life, so than why worry?

Ahh' well...

Back to my Place, doing some washing, a Fruit Juice and off to the Lawyer.

- Not in - ! A sudden Case came up...... ahh well, there is always another day, after all.

Back to the busiest beach on the island and into the internet - cafe.

Here and now.

See ya later!

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