Taifun Durian approaches

...now it has arrived, the Taifun "Durian" which caused so much havoc on the Philippines, but after Landfall on the coast of Vietnam, it has been downgraded to a tropical depression.

since last night it is raining.... and raining.

Well, typical for tis time of the year. sorry folks not much more in the "archive" right now.


Liars Dice Master said...

With a mild nod toward superstition, I can say now without fear of jinxing us - we in Florida and the Southeast U.S. had a pretty mild hurricane season this year.

On my discussion board, Dagobabe has posted about how we humans go on living in areas that are almost certain to encounter "nature" at its fiercest (earthquakes in California, hurricanes in Florida).

By the way, I posted comments on your November 28 and 30 articles.

samuiman said...

thank you for your comment!

this will be the big question for many in the close future!

seen the damage this taifun has done in the philippines?

Liars Dice Master said...

No, but I can imagine. In two tours of the U.S. Navy mid '60s and early 70's, ships I was on visited the Philippines quite often.

It says something about my nature, I think, that I enjoyed my liberties in the Philippines more than Hawaii, Hong Kong, and Japan.

angelique said...

Dear Manfred,

We hope that you are ok, did you get our last email??? I noticed that your blog has stopped
as I thought that perhaps you dont use this address anymore then I realised your blog is down too, where are you?? You know we are in India till the end of march, so if you wanted to come here we could find somewhere cheap for ou to stay (we could pay it.... it might help to sort things out.... find out what are the essentiels........detach oneself from oneself.........

Give us your mobile number so that we can call you......

anyway here is the second half of D's letter I am sorry that it is so late, but I have been doing a people fast including the computer... it is so nice

this is the following to yesterdays letter..

so indeed, when we think we choose whatever, in whatever level of being, it is Nature in us which determines all our move. This, as we have said previously, is our primary education. We are pushed by the desires of Nature to give us the opportunity to experience life in its varied forms in order to grow and develop a distinct, self-centred personality.
Wisdom is the understanding of all the experiences and therefore we become free from them, that is the pull for the good time with the bar girls so consequently we are free karmically from any interplay with them and so on as wish all the ranges of pleasures to the lowest –to the highest. The highest being the search for truth, since as we become Truth, we don’t feel the previous agony of being separated from it.
On the surface level of our experiencing, whether we are in a business suit or swim wear at the beach, all becomes the ‘lila’ the interplay of Nature, the wheel of Karma which ultimately will bring us to selfhood.
This intermediary stage of conflict towards the world is actually very healthy for one has to reject what once one has embraced in order to go to the next stage which is the understanding of life in all its levels.

In your case Manfred, having being stuck for 17 years on a ‘uroboric’ island, it is only obvious that it would have clashed with the higher part of your nature, that mostly you explored during your time in India. But somewhere in another part of your being lied unredeemed elements which found an echo, a response to this uroboric world. You took pleasure in it not realizing that one day, it will be the severest blow ever received.

I speak in this fashion, for I myself experienced the agony of this lowest guna and suffered martyr. But this entire downfall was actually necessary, to set one free once for all and allow me to live in the universal stream of life rather that in a few petty drives of satisfaction.

I hope that this mail will help…. You and me are not that much different in our inner development. Take this message as from a brother, happy to keep in touch conversing….
Much love